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Getting the most out of your intensive English lessons in Marseille and Aix en Provence

If learning English has become an imperative for you due to a professional obligation or opportunity, the desire to progress in your career, the desire to change your job, or simply taking time out to finally learn English as you always wanted, then intensive English lessons cours d anglais intensifs are most certainly the right solution for you
For most of us time is precious, some say time is money, and still others say I want to be sure to make my learning experience productive.
English coach offers high-quality intensive English lessons with excellent Anglophone and native English and American trainers which represents great value for money
So where do we start with our English intensive lessons?
Before talking about what your objectives are, we need to know more about where you’re coming from.
Initial testing in many language centers has simply been formalised to grammar tests and the at best a telephone conversation to assess your level as training after all every language training center needs to demonstrate to its clients the progress that has been made in view of repeat business
Over the years English Coach has worked on finding a better model and a simpler more effictive way of assessing your English initially.
How we assess you before you start your intensive English lessons in Marseille and Aix en Provence

Today while formal testing is important our high-quality English trainers prefer to focus on an informal interview rather than a formalised approach. We have noticed that few French people are enthusiastic about adopting a method similar to going back to school
In our informal exchanges we love to take our time and get to know you, understand the context in which you’re learning English, discover your learning aptitudes and past successes, and start to imagine how training you in English in the future could look.
This crucial beginning stage allows us to choose the right direction for your intensive English lessons, there are many criteria which will help us to determine your aptitude for learning English, your personality, your hobbles and pleasures in life: for example if you love music and you are in your 40’s there will be much vocabulary already in your mind from the 80s ! Simple Minds, Mick Jagger, or even sting and the police may be a powerful way to learn vocabulary and grammar!
Furthermore we take time to understand your brain dominance depending on the job you have chosen, the personality you have forged, your studies and your professional training, you may be more visual and structured or on the other hand if you are more right brain dominant, you may prefer a more hand on approach being an experiential learner
Experimental learning your intensive English lessons

While an experienced English trainer can quickly determine your learning style, another important value for us, at English coach is experimental learning at the beginning of your intensive English lessons.
We will try a number of different approaches checking your reaction to each one of them, despite our experience we may get some surprises and gain important insight as to how we can you train you better.
By the second or third session of your intensive training lessons, we will start to work with you on giving greater precision to your initial training program, which was developed in discussion with our pedagogues.
At this point the English trainer is in a very strong position to determine the productivity of your intensive English lessons, having taken the time to get to know you, developing a positive relationship with you, and having gained at least initially your trust, he or she can move on to fine tuning your learning program.
Recruiting great teachers one of our keys to success to your intensive English lessons

Another value that we have had English coach is very simple to understand:- excellent English trainers produce excellent results for your intensive English lessons cours d anglais intensifs…
We take a lot of time and energy in recruitment to personally know and assess the trainers we feel can deliver excellent results, many of these people have already had specific professional experience, or had years of coaching experience and are able to help you very specifically.
The choice of the right teacher is already made for you by our pedagogues after the initial contact, we believe that a mix of having chosen the best trainer with the right experience and background, will help ignite the enthusiasm for English training that you already have.
One of the key factors of accelerating your training progress is the complicity and motivation that is commonly cultivated between you and your trainer, as your intensive English lessons progress, Step-by-step, the different aspects required to reach your objective with be completed. One of our pleasures at English Coach is encouraging our English trainers to identify potential issues and difficulties which will really slowly your English down.
For example if we notice early on that you are troubled by problems of pronunciation, we may well choose to deal with that early on in your intensive English lessons, to allow you to have plenty of practice time, gaining confidence in using your newly learnt understanding of English pronunciation.
Another aspect in our training for us all at English coach is on our secret agenda: confidence confidence confidence! ( Oh it’s not secret anymore what a shame!)
Changing tack as your confidence level improves in your intensive english lessons

As your intensive English lessons progress we will help you to change your tack, as your confidence improves, new activities for example: switching to telephone lessons, to help develop your concentration without a visual reference, may be useful as your confidence and ability to speak develops. Our trainers constantly encourage you and affirm you and confirm the progress that you are making, in both subjective and objective ways. Grammar is clearly important in English learning, however it is not an end in itself, depending on the choices of training we may or may not focus on improving your grammar in the early stages, a lot depends on your personality and the importance that you gave to speaking with precision. Finally as your intensive English lessons draw to a close we will begin to validate one by one, the competences You have acquired either in business English, or in conversational English, or the specific competence you have chosen to develop.
Your trainer will evaluate each point carefully showing you areas where you can continue to develop, recommending personal work, methods of learning adapted to your personality, and objectives, suggesting possible future courses which may be more adapted to your needs in future intensive English lessons.
In conclusion intensive English lessons should always be a pleasure and should produce the results which you are looking for. At English coach we we are confident enough to offer you an appointment with one of our trainers free of charge for professional lessons, to demonstrate the quality of our approach, in this way you will know exactly what you are getting and can taste for yourself the value for money that our courses represent.

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